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the right targetPBB Best Buy has a number of sites in our network and you can decide which one(s) work best for you. But don't just jump to any quick conclusions.  A site's content is different than it's audience.  Just because the topic of Airline Journey is about traveling, don't assume the only thing they are interested in is flying.  Flyers have a broad range of interests...and the money to pursue them. Read on to learn more about each site.

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Take a look at some of our offerings:

Airline Journey

airline journeyIt's a blog about traveling by air and a chance for you to reach the affluent people who do that.

Obviously, if you have one of the hundreds of products or services related to air travel, it's an obvious match. If you are a travel agent or a flight ticket booking service, Airline Journey is the perfect medium for online advertising. Use our web space to spread the word about the vital air travel related services and products you offer.

Look deeper, though.  People who fly are more affluent with higher incomes and higher education. They prefer news magazines over fashion or gossip magazines. They are knowledgeable about world affairs, the economy, and business.

Because they earn more, they purchase more. If you are marketing real estate, commercial or residential, home furnishings, or home services, fliers spend more.  They also buy more and better vehicles, luxury products, technology, and entertainment.  And did we mention families? If you have a product that kids can use, then this audience is the one that actually makes the purchase.

Health Today Easy

health today easyBoth men and women are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, and they consume wellness related information, like that found on our site, voraciously.  They want to know about health, wellness, working out, relaxing, living the good life, living longer, fashion, sports, looking their best, technology, family, medicine, preventing illness, mind and body connections, and aging well.

They will spend money on anything that will help them look and feel better. And health enthusiasts tend to be better educated and earn more than the average, so they have more money to spend.

Angels Ad

angels adAngels Ad is about buying and selling, a virtual bazaar and flea market combined into one and put on the interenet.  You may find an ad for a used car in Nigeria, the latest mobile phone from a store in Pakistan, an Indian dermatologist's service, a maid service in the United States, almost anything you can imagine, you will find on Angels Ad.  This means we have a broad audience that you really can't fit into any comfortable description. We have buyers, sellers, and the casual browsers who get caught up reading when they discover that almost anything can be found here. With thousands of ads, hundreds changing every day, it can be really addictive reading.

Games PBB

games websiteOne of the most used features of the smartphones people carry with them everywhere they go each day, is the ability to play games.  With Games PBB visitors get the chance to play many of the same games and dozens of exclusive games from anywhere in the world.  These aren't the serious war games that consume the news cycle and keep dedicated fans sequestered in dark rooms all over the world.  These are the casual, seemingly simple games that people pull out their phones and play while they wait at the doctor's office, ride the bus, and open up to distract and entertain their children with while shopping.  They are everywhere and Games PBB gets those visitors who have 5 minutes to kill. You'll find them everywhere.

PBB Best Buy Blog

PBB Best BuyThe PBB Best Buy blog is a place to learn about marketing.  We focus on the latest news of the day on our blog, but we also go in-depth with tips and techniques that will help you become a better marketer.

Angels Marketplace - Coming Soon

angels marketplaceWe've taken the success of Angels Ad and decided to blow it up by allowing entrepreneur's the chance to build a store online and sell things online in an easy to use online mall.  Angels Marketplace is coming soon.  It will provide opportunities for you to advertise to users to attract them your business even without setting up a store.  Details are coming soon.


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"As a local business owner, I have long struggled to figure out how to make people know that I am here. I needed a way to stir up some new customers. I didn't expect Angels Ad to actually work since nothing else did. It did! Now I’m reaping the benefit of online advertising!"

Felix K

"It can be challenging for businesses to reach customers. This is why I recommend Angels Ad. They helped me make the launch of my business a real success. Its great, easy to use and they have great service. Give your business that extra hand in getting seen."

Kennedy A

"Angels Ad is a great website offering free online classified ads. I am very grateful for the exposure that this website has brought to my cake making business. My experience with Angels Ad was awesome. Its not unusual for me to get over 20 calls from people a month needing cakes."

Joy G