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About PBB-BestBuy

Pbb-bestbuy was established in the spring of 2010 in Lowell, MA by two friends to market and bring luxury products to the reach of everyone. Since inception, the company had made strides in creating awareness of products that would have otherwise been in the hands of only rich people. Being a pioneer in such a venture we single handedly went through the hurdles with the big companies, paving the way for other small businesses to follow suit. Pbb Bestbuy, despite the initial difficulties and after all this time, is still here and going strong. We continue to provide services and great products with the most innovative and highest quality products on the market.

Initially, we did run into obstacles and bottle necks especially from the big online companies, because they recognized our potential and our determination to make it big. However, we have emerged even stronger as a brand and are still moving on.

We are both an online and brick-and-mortar company with a great expertise for sourcing quality goods ranging from Gourmet Organogold coffee, health products, quality watches and winders from Steinhausen, Zydot detox products, e-books, and other daily needs. We offer these products at low cost and our service is the perfect choice for people who love quality and price bundled together.

We ensure that customers get great, and original, products for their daily use, at a low price.


We are committed to making our products accessible to the largest range of customers.

We strive to offer products which are environmentally friendly and sustainable, organic where possible, and designed for the betterment of their users.